Writing Science for Young Readers

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Dorothy’s talk gives an overview of writing science for young readers, then shows how she does her research, focusing especially on the osprey book and her recent trip to Australia to learn about the Tasmanian devil and the disease that threatens its existence.

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Dorothy received a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Stanford University (1962) and a M.A. (1965) and PhD. (1968) in Zoology from the University of California, Berkeley. She has had 140 books published on topics that include nature, ecology, domesticated animals, archeology, geology, and the history of western expansion. She writes for a range of audiences, including science for young readers, and is well known for spectacular images as part of her content.

Dorothy’s recent work took her to the outback of Australia to study Tasmanian Devils with the goal of publishing: “Saving the Devil,” a book she is currently researching.

Dorothy has received many awards for the body of her work, including the Washington Post/Children’s book Guild Award for nonfiction, the Orbis Pictus Honor Book Award, and the Ed-ward O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award.