Revegetation of Mine Wastes: Lessons Learned and Stakeholder Communication

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Winter 1-13-2021


vegetation, mine waste, hard rock mining


Hard rock mining results in extensive land disturbance due to mineral extraction and residual mine waste. This talk addresses identification of above- and below-ground metrics that correlate with vegetation establishment patterns to develop guidance for predicting tipping points for vegetation success or failure on mine waste sites. We have created the University of Arizona Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining to partner with Arizona copper companies to enable use of these metrics for comprehensive assessment of revegetation strategies under diverse conditions.

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Dr. Raina Maier is a Professor of Environmental Microbiology at the University of Arizona (UA). She is the Director of the UA NIEHS Superfund Research Center which is focused on understanding the health impacts and advancing innovative solutions for remediation of mine waste sites. Her research program focuses on understanding how we can exploit microbes and their activities and products to benefit human health and the environment. Her B.A. is in biology & chemistry from the University of Minnesota, and her Ph.D. is in microbiology from Rutgers.