Use of Borehole Geophysics in Groundwater Studies

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Borehole geophysical logging offers a cost-effective approach to characterize regional and local-scale hydrogeologic conditions. These logs, including natural gamma radiation, spontaneous potential, normal resistivity, caliper and fluid resistivity and temperature, provide measures of subsurface geologic and groundwater properties. This talk will focus on the use of borehole logs to identify hydraulically active fractures, assess vertical hydraulic gradients, map the depth and thickness of aquitards and aquifers, and evaluate the distribution of fresh and saline water lenses.

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Madeline Gotkowitz is MBMG's new Research Division Chair. Her research interests span the fields of physical hydrogeology and contaminant fate and transport in groundwater. Madeline's work includes studies of the geologic sources of naturally occurring contaminants, such as arsenic, chromium, and radium, surface water-groundwater interactions, flow across aquitards and groundwater flooding.