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SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is the world-leading provider of business software. SAP serves about 290,000 customers in 190 countries including 98 of the 100 most valued companies in the world. The SAP University Alliance allows universities to integrate SAP technology into their curriculums and give students hands-on experience in Enterprise Resource System software.

Montana Tech is the first university in Montana to be a member of the SAP University Alliance.

Our research focused on the 348 member universities of the SAP UNiversity Alliance in the United States and Canada to help identify effective pros and cons, successes and failures, and its relationship to Montana Tech.

Publication Date

Summer 2017


This work was supported by a Montana Undergraduate Research Program SURF grant. Special thanks to Dr. Lance Revenaugh (Business & Information Technology) and Dr. Scott Risser (Montana Tech IRB Representative).

Examination of SAP Enterprise Systems in US College and University Education and its Application to Montana Tech