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Stone fire hearths and associated sub-surface cultural remains were the target of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey at a pre-historic Native American archeological site near Dewey, Montana. GPR is a non-invasive geophysical survey technique. The GPR uses a transmitting antenna with a frequency of 1-1000 MHz to emit electromagnetic waves into the ground. The receiving antenna detects reflections caused by boundaries of contrasting electrical properties. As the distance of a survey progresses, ensuing measurements produce an image based on the returning reflections.

Publication Date

Summer 2017


We thank the Montana Tech Undergraduate Research Program for funding our Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship project and the Montana BLM for allowing us to use the site.

A Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of the Unexcavated 24BE2206 Site Near Dewey, in the Big Hole Valley of Montana