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Colorado Tick Fever Virus (CTFV) is carried by Rocky Mountain wood ticks (Demacetori andersoni). Its double-stranded RNA genome is comprised of twelve segments. In humans, it causes a variety of flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache, sensitivity to light, and muscle soreness. Because the symptoms often mimic the flu and other common diseases, it is often overlooked during clinical diagnosis.

Deer mice (Peromyscus manisculatus) are considered to be a reservoir for the virus. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of CTFV nucleic acid in mouse blood. The whole blood samples were screened from Polson and Gregson, Montana. These samples were collected both prior to the study for a separate Hantavirus study as well as during the study. Only Hantavirus negative samples were screened.

In addition, ninety ticks were collected. While these have not been tested, they provide another sample set to screen for the presence of CTFV.

Publication Date

Summer 2017

Survey of Colorado Tick Fever Virus Presence in Montana Deer Mice and Wood Ticks