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Human immune responses to viral infections are associated with the interferon system, which induces the expression of as many as 300 proteins. Many of these proteins are believed to have antiviral functions, yet many of the interferon stimulated genes (ISGs) remain poorly characterized. The goal of this research is to identify the functional role of ISGs that are members of the tripartite motif (TRIM) family of proteins. Here, we report the progress of TRIM gene cloning into plasmids used in the yeast two-hybrid assays. We hypothesize that protein-protein interactions identified in these assays will provide unbiased insights into the functional role of these putative antiviral proteins. The yeast-two hybrid assay is the cornerstone for a research pipeline designed to more fully characterize the TRIM proteins.

Publication Date

Summer 2017

Evaluating the Function of an Understudied Family of Antiviral Proteins