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Summer 8-2012


Primary emphasis this summer was placed on restoring the Richards Cabin however, the first week was spent priming and painting the interior of the Iron Rod Post Office. All the buildings within the Nevada City Outdoor Museum complex are historically significant, some more than others. Some have been used as sets on major Hollywood productions such as, "The MissouriBreaks"," Little Big Man", "Return to Lonesome Dove", "Thousand Pieces of Gold" and "The Left Handed Gun". Others have more historical significance. Some are from Yellowstone National Park. One specifically built for a County Sheriff's Department eventually accommodated a legal "triple hanging" of outlaws in 1917. One was used as a location for a Blackfeet treaty signing in 1865.


This project was made possible through a Summer Internship Program from the Montana Heritage Commission which preserves and manages historic resources in Virginia City, Nevada City and Reeder's Alley, Montana. Author, Paul Hart, is a student in the Historic Preservation Program at Highlands College in Butte, Montana.