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Spring 4-13-2020


The inspection process of road pavement safety varies in size in length, and many local and federal authorities are responsible for such work. Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has proven to be cost effective in road construction, maintenance and inspection work. Rapid deployment in response to user satisfaction and concerns is also a viable prospect for the use of UAVs. MDT has identified a portion of Nissler Road between Ramsay, Montana and the I-15/I-90 interchange west of Rocker as a candidate for enhanced roadway safety inspection using UAVs.

Stephen Frazee of WET in Butte kindly provided our team with an UAV image they took of the road. With this image and some site visits, the goal of our senior design project will be to complete a geometric and pavement redesign of the given road and also develop an early warning process with UAV that includes; Inspect, Call for Immediate Response, and Design.