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Winter 11-30-2022

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The Sister Dump (BRES No. 38) is approximately 3.13 acres located on the south side of North Main Street between O’Neill Street and the Josephine Shaft site. Reclamation by ARCO in 1990 and 1991 consisted of removing all waste to Disposal Area 2 (Moose Dump Area). The area was recontoured, capped, and revegetated. Lime rock from the Anaconda Quarry was applied at a rate of 350 tons per acre (tons/acre). Cover material from the Minnie Irvine borrow area was applied to a depth of 18 inches. A granular 11-52-0 (% nitrogen - % phosphorous - % potassium) fertilizer mix was broadcast at a rate of 300 pounds per acre (lbs/acre). Following the application of the fertilizer, the area was chisel plowed. A double disc drill seeder was used to plant the Walkerville EPA seed mixture at a rate of 20 lbs/acre. A straw spreader was used to spread straw at a rate of 2 tons/acre.

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