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The purpose of this study was to understand if meditation over a short period of time, thirty days, can result in a significant reduction in stress. Does meditation decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels concerning undergradu-ate college students? The participants of this research consisted of (N=5) undergraduate college students. Blood pressures were taken on the first day of the study before and after meditation, and on the final day of the study before and after meditation. Participants recorded their heart rate each day over the 30 day study. The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS14) was administered at the beginning of the study and at the close of the study to measure the participants’ stress level over the time of the study. The results of this study showed that the participants’ blood pressure and pulse rate were reduced after partaking in concentrative meditation before and after each day of the study and over the course of the study. Stress levels were also reduced over the thirty day period.

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Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elyse Lovell. URP Award recipient.

An Investigation to Compare Blood Pressure and Pulse Before and After Concentrative Meditation

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