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The purpose of this project in Boulder, Montana was to determine how much usable space was left in the cemetery for future burials and to locate old burial sites where headstones no longer exist.

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Boulder, Montana, cemetery survey, Highlands College, Montana Tech


Civil Engineering


Advisor: Eric Martin, Instructor, Trades & Technical Department, Highlands College of Montana Tech, Butte, Montana.

The authors also received assistance from the Boulder Cemetery, the City of Boulder, the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and The Heritage Center in Boulder, Montana.

The survey data was collected by using Highlands College survey equipment such as: GPS antenna/receiver, total stations and the Continually Operating Reference Station (CORS). The survey data taken from the cemetery will be used to produce a map showing exiting burial plots, future burial plots, and water/power lines that run through the cemetery.

This project will benefit the City of Boulder Cemetery by showing what land within the cemetery is available for burials. The project will also benefit the Boulder Heritage Center. “This is exciting but very respectful work we are doing here. This project will also benefit our Heritage Center. Over the years, some of the headstones have been lost in the oldest plots in the cemetery. One of the hopes is that by conducting an orderly inventory of existing conditions, the Heritage Center will be able to connect lost names to these resting places.” – Ray Woods

Space Utilization for the Boulder Cemetery