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The purpose of this quantitative comparative analysis study was to determine the difference between perceived stress levels, and caffeine consumption (energy drinks) among undergraduate college students who are introverts and extroverts. Study questions include: Is there a difference in levels of caffeine consumption (energy drinks) and students who are introverts and students who are extroverts? Is there a difference between students who consume caffeine (energy drinks) and stress levels? IRB approval was obtained for this study. Participants (N = 93) were Undergraduate students and a sample of convenience. The study consisted of men (n = 47) and women (n = 46). An anonymous survey was distributed, and was self-disclosure style discovering gender, age, perceived and actual introvert/extrovert personality type, their caffeine consumption (energy drinks), and their perceived and actual stress levels. The survey included two Likert scales, one to determine level of stress, and another to establish introvert or extrovert status. From select questions in the stress scale, the results suggested that those who consume caffeine (energy drinks) were prone to a higher perceived stress levels.

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Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elyse Lovell. URP award recipient.

Energy Drink Consumption and Stress Levels of Undergraduate College Students Who Are Introverts and Extroverts

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