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The purpose of this study was to consider self-esteem, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among college students. The research questions that were set out to answer were: R1-Is there a difference in stress and anxiety based on gender? R2-Is there a correlation between mental health and the stress among college students? After a long semester of gathering research and bringing everything together it is finally the day to show the hard and strenuous work that students put into these projects. Our class, being the first research methods class at Highlands College of Montana Tech, have gotten to learn how to complete a research study based on obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, and the chance to open the door to further studies on our results. As we get to present our posters and presentations to the faculty, students, and administra-tors it will be encouraging to students that the information is used and readily available to our community as well as others. Not only are we the first class in Butte to do this, but we are also preparing to present our projects at the Mon-tana Tech Techxpo and also at the 3rd Annual Student Research Day for Mon-tana’s Two-year colleges in Great Falls, MT. The results of this study were to consider self-esteem, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among college students, and significant results were found.

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Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elyse Lovell.

Self-Esteem, Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts Among College Students

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