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Warnings are used to inform users of hazards that may be associated with many products. Often these warnings deal with the operation of tools, appliances, and other items for which the user may have some reason at least, to look for information on the product regarding its use. Plastic film presents a serious hazard to young children. Because the film will adhere to the flesh, if it covers the airways for the child, suffocation may result. Because young children may play with them, it is important that such films be kept away from them. Warnings need to be adequate to inform or remind caregivers of this fact. This study examined warnings found on various items in commerce and some alternatives to those warnings. The results showed some warnings to be poor at best. The alternative most preferred included both the prohibition sign and a symbolic indication of proper disposal.


Originally presented in the Proceedings of the XIX Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 27-29 June 2005.