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Chiropractic utilization among residential carpenters has not been previously investigated. Carpenters are known to be at greater risk for low back pain (LBP) in comparison to the general population. Investigators evaluated the prevalence of LBP and associated risk factors among a bicultural group of residential carpenters in the Denver metro area. Methods: This nested cross-sectional study collected data from 335 residential carpenters regarding risk factors for occupational LBP and use of chiropractic services. A 91-question survey was designed in Spanish and English to gather information about personal and workplace characteristics and the point, annual, and lifetime prevalence of LBP. Results: Chiropractic services were used by 28% of the non-Hispanic and 3% of the Hispanic residential carpenters for treatment of LBP at some point in their lives. The point, annual, and lifetime prevalence of LBP among non-Hispanic carpenters was 14%, 38%, and 54%, respectively, whereas Hispanic carpenters reported 8%, 10% , and 19%, respectively. Conclusions: Chiropractic services among non- Hispanic framers exceeded national averages whereas Hispanic carpenters were below anticipated utilization levels.


Gilkey, D. P., Keefe, T. J., Hautaluoma, J. E., Bigelow, P. L., & Sweere, J. J. (2002). Low back pain in residential construction carpenters: Hispanic and non-Hispanic chiropractic patient differences. Topics in Clinical Chiropractic, 9(4), 26+.