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The purpose of this study was to describe the development and implementation of an on-site, behavior-based safety audit based on a safety program designed specifically to reduce injuries and fatalities in the residential construction industry. The audit was used to assess safety hazards and safety compliance on residential construction work sites. Safety behaviors were scored as all-or-none. A high score was related to high safety compliance. A total of 195 audits were performed on residential construction companies from varying trades. Analysis of mean total scores indicated that companies that had received some form of safety training scored significantly higher than companies that had not received any (P<0.01). Analysis of mean total scores between company trades indicated that masonry/stucco application companies had significantly lower scores than most other trades represented (P<0.01). Challenges in designing, administering and analyzing the safety audits are discussed.


Bigelow, Philip L, Greenstein, Scott L, Keefe, Thomas J, & Gilkey, David P. (1998). Development of an on-site, behavior-based safety audit for the residential construction industry. Work : A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation., 11(1), 11-20.