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Fall 11-2019


The objective of this study was to examine costs associated with workers’ compensation claims from firefighters in Montana. Workers’ compensation claims data were obtained from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. The highest proportion of total benefit amount dollars was paid to male firefighters (93.7%), public employees (84.8%), and those who were 45-54 years of age at time of injury (23.9%). Part-time employees represented the employment category receiving the highest total benefit amount ($766,354). July represented the month with the highest average total benefit amount cost ($52,084). Strains and sprains, back injuries, and lifting activities all represented the highest total benefit amount cost in terms of nature of injury, body part injured, and cause of injury, respectively. No statistically significant difference was found between the median total benefit costs in terms of gender, employment type, employment sector, or firefighting activity. Understanding the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims can provide insight into injury severity and these results may aid in the development of more informed decisions for resource allocation and effective prevention strategies.