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Winter 12-2017


Latino construction workers are at an increased risk of worksite injuries and fatalities due to language, cultural barriers, and ineffective training. This case-study investigated computer-based video training (CBT) for scaffold safety. The CBT training was developed using a participatory approach involving direct input from Latino roofers and framers. This paper focuses on evaluation-improvement of training that combined workers’ ideas of a safe work environment with OSHA standards. Researchers investigated the appropriateness and effectiveness of a brief CBT presentation addressing fall protection and scaffold use among Latino roofers. The results indicated that Latino construction workers at a roofing company in Colorado gained knowledge (p-value <0.05) and liked the use of a culturally appropriate educational video as a method of training. The positive reactions to the training intervention are encouraging and support information and communication technologies (ICTs) for training Latino construction workers with lessons learned for follow-up training and evaluation.