Developing Effective Worker Health and Safety Training Materials: Hazard Awareness, Identification, Recognition, and Control for the Salon Industry

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Objective: In addition to formaldehyde, workers in salons can be exposed to other chemical irritants, sensitizers, carcinogens, reproductive hazards, infectious agents, ergonomic, and other physical hazards. Worker health and safety training is challenging because of current product labeling practices and the myriad of hazards portending risk for a wide variety of health effects.

Methods: Through a Susan B. Harwood Targeted Topic Training grant from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and assistance from salon development and training partners, we developed, delivered, and validated a health and safety training program using an iterative five-pronged approach.

Results: The training was well received and resulted in knowledge gain, improved workplace safety practices, and increased communication about health and safety.

Conclusions: These training materials are available for download from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Susan B. Harwood Training Grant Program Web site


Originally published in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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