People Around Me are Getting Older: Engaging Undergraduates in Gerontological Research

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The purpose of this study was to engage undergraduate Psychology of Aging students in a qualitative inquiry with field experiences in an effort to improve students’ communication skills, connectedness to learning and understanding of aging concepts. The results suggest that melding gerontology curricula with research concepts and field experiences early in undergraduate studies may be beneficial to secure greater interest in pursuing careers which have a gerontological emphasis: business, nursing, art, substance abuse counseling, and social work.

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Elyse D’nn Lovell, Ed.D., AKA Dr. Mom, is dedicated to creating and promoting learning environments which meet the individual needs of learners while inspiring their intrinsic motivation for academic success. More than a decade of teaching experience shows a culmination of student research, service learning, technology, and group activities in psychology, sociology, and gerontology. Credentials include a Masters in Psychology - Gerontology from the University of Central Oklahoma, and Doctorate in Higher Education - teaching from Montana State University.