Fire, Earth & Rain: Emergency Response for Wildfire-Induced Landslide Hazards

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During most of his 36 years in the US Forest Service, Jerry De Graff served in positions designated as either an environmental or engineering geologist on National Forests in Utah and California. In those capacities, he collected and interpreted geologic information needed for sustainable development, multipleuse management of natural resources, and emergency response. Jerry provided information about geomorphic processes, groundwater conditions, and other relevant geologic information. During his last 6 years he was a Forest Service On-Scene Coordinator for Superfund-type issues and responses at abandoned mines and other Forest Service sites in California. Now Jerry teaches graduate courses for the Department of Earth & Environmental Science at California State University-Fresno, acts in editorial and related capacities for various professional journals, and is active in professional organizations.

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Jerome De Graff is a Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Applied Geology.