Critical Elements and Critical Materials—What is so Critical?

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Today, the Industrial Revolution is the Technology Revolution. In the midst of the continuing advancement of society, new terms have become more frequently used in our day-to-day language: micro, bio, nano, technology metals, critical elements and critical materials. What are critical elements and what are critical materials? Why are they critical? Are these elements and materials in abundant supply and where are they sourced? The issues behind criticality have the involvement of not only companies but the involvement of politicians and governments which seek to ensure the non-disruption of supply of critical elements and materials in today’s and tomorrow’s markets. The stakeholders and the end users are identified and the critical roles examined.

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Marc LeVier has an extensive background in the mining industry with more than 40 years experience. Mr. LeVier retired in 2011 after a long career at Newmont Mining Corporation, where he was the Global Director of Metallurgical R&D. He has a B.S. and M.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and in May 2015 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Montana Tech. After Newmont Mr. LeVier be-came the CEO, President and Director of Texas Rare Earth Resources Corporation and the CEO, President and Director of Great Western Minerals Group LTD.