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laser-ablation split-stream (LASS), petrochronology, metamorphic, geology


Discussion of a new, innovative method for dating rocks, called laser ablation split stream (LASS) petrochronology, which is an in situ method that couples geochronological and geochemical data of minerals that remain in the rock matrix. The talk focuses on the application of this technique with U-Th-Pb dating of the phosphate minerals monazite and xenotine in metamorphic rocks. Examples from the Ruby Range in southwestern Montana and metamorphic core complexes in the northern Idaho panhandle will be explored.

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Dr. Baldwin is an Associate Professor of Geosciences at the University of Montana where she teaches mineralogy and petrology and more. Her research focuses on the integration of textural, chemical and in situ petrologic and geochronologic data sets to reconstruct the physical conditions, timescales and tempo of metamorphic processes.