Enhanced Oil Recovery from Elm Coulee Bakken – Social, Technical and Economic Implications

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The frenzied activity of recent Bakken development has been accompanied by a host of practical problems, ranging from decaying roads and over-stressed sewer systems to an increase in crime and other undesirable activity. However, the value of the Bakken oil resource is so great that it could power the economy of the area for years if Enhanced Oil Recovery can be made to work there. Because EOR projects could last for decades, oil producers and landowners must find a stable balance between oil and agricultural interests.

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Burt Todd is an Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering who holds BS and MS degrees from Montana Tech in Petroleum Engineering, and a PhD from the University of Kansas in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Prior to coming to Montana Tech, Burt worked eighteen years in the Technical Services Division of Phillips Petroleum, developing engineering software and consulting on reservoir and well problems. Currently, he teaches a variety of petroleum engineering courses and serves as Chair of the Petroleum Engineering Department.