Imaging Tectonic Plates - Structure and Deformation of North America

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The outermost layer of the Earth is broken into tectonic plates whose motions cause earthquakes and volcanism. Much of what we know about the structure of these plates comes from studying the Earth's surface. Seismic waves recorded by the EarthScope Transportable Array, however, show us the internal structure of plates down to 200 km deep and help us understand the relationship between deep structure and the Earth's surface. EarthScope images for the western United States hint at the presence of the mid-depth discontinuities. To better understand these features, Dr. Lekic relates them to the geologic history of the west.

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Ved Lekic studied astronomy and planetary science at Harvard University before earning a PhD. from UC Berkeley. His work on full wave-form global seismic tomography earned him a NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship to image lithospheric structure using converted waves. In 2014, he received the Charles F. Richter Early Career Award from the Seismological Society of America. Ved Lekic has been an assistant professor at the University of Maryland since 2012.