Are Native and Non-native Populations of an Invasive Plant Really Different?

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This presentation provides an overview of his transcontinental research on giant goldenrod an invasive plant species in Europe that originates from North America. He investigated the effects of reintroduction on the plant’s performance, the plant’s effect on species richness and the relationship between the plant’s competitive effects and its ecotypic variation.

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Robert Pal earned a Ph.D. in Biology/Botany/Plant Ecology at the University of Pecs (Hungary) in 2007 and a Master’s degree in Agriculture in 2000. Throughout his professional preparation he participated in numerous long term study programs abroad e.g. Israel, Denmark, and Australia. At the University of Pecs he has had extensive teaching experience both in the classroom and in the field. Since 2000 he has taught thirteen different subjects in Hungarian and five in English at the BS, MS and Ph.D. levels