Carbon Sequestration in the Kevin Dome, Northern Montana

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The Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership examines the ability of geologic systems to safely trap anthropogenic carbon dioxide to mitigate its impact on climate. One such system is the Duperow Formation within Kevin Dome, a large sedimentary trap and cap structure that has a long history of oil and gas production. To test storage potential of the dome, naturally trapped carbon dioxide is extracted, compressed, and reinjected. Geophysical methods and monitoring wells provide evidence of the fate and transport of the re-injected carbon dioxide. This study and others like it demonstrate the efficacy carbon sequestration at an industrial scale.

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Travis is the Carbon Storage and Water Sciences Lead for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and the Center For Advanced Energy Studies. Travis has been appointed to the Idaho Governor’s Carbon Sequestration Advisory Committee as the Chair of the Idaho Carbon Issues Task Force. He also leads the INL’s Center For Energy Geofluids Initiative and works with regional and international entities to reduce water consumption and degradation in the energy water cycle.