Energy: the Next Fifty Years

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sustainable energy, technology, the future


Energy is basic to human society, like food, shelter, communication, and mobility. A new international energy landscape is emerging as developing countries create their energy infrastructures and as energy technologies move away from fossil toward more sustainable sources and uses. The 50-year time scale for significant change to the energy landscape implies that the strategic research and development choices we make now ill determine future energy and societal outcomes. The promising opportunities for science and technology discovery and development in energy will be analyzed in the context of vibrant, interactive and rapidly advancing national and global societies.

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George Crabtree is Senior Scientist and Distinguished Fellow in the Materials Science Division at ANL and Distinguished Professor of Physics, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering at UIC. His awards include the 2003 Kammerlingh Onnes Prize for work on the physics of vortices in high-temperature superconductors, and an R&D 100 Award for Magnetic Flux Imaging Systems. His more than 400 papers have amassed over 16,000 citations. He has led workshops for the Department of Energy on hydrogen, solar energy, superconductivity, materials under extreme environments, basic science for energy technology, and computational materials and chemistry for economic competitiveness. Current research interest include next-generation battery materials, sustainable energy, materials science, nanoscale superconductors and magnets, vortex matter in superconductors, and highly correlated electrons in metals.