Undergraduate Researchers’ Perceptions about Conducting and Publishing Research in Peer Reviewed Journals

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Fall 10-14-2020


Elyse D’nn Lovell, EdD, a/k/a Dr. Mom, is dedicated to creating and promoting learning environments, which meet the individual needs of undergraduate learners while inspiring academic success through research engagement. She has mentored forty-one published undergraduate student-researchers in peer-reviewed journals from 2014 to present. Her talk will highlight the perceptions of her gerontology and psychology students about their research motivation, inspiration and woes. The students were seeking 2- and 4-year certificate, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. This diverse group included some who are non-traditional and traditional aged, living in poverty, parents, first-generation, GED recipients, and undergraduate research scholarship recipients.

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Dr. Lovell has an MEd in Gerontology/ Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma, and an EdD in Higher Education Teaching from Montana State University. Her academic awards include: Outstanding Doctoral Student in Adult and Higher Education, and Montana Tech Distinguished Researcher Awards in 2016 and 2020.