Native Reptiles of Montana

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Winter 2-20-2020


Presentation by naturalist and reptile expert, Jeremy Allestad.

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Jeremy Allestad is the CEO and founder of the Montana Reptile Rescue. The organization was founded in 2016. However, his experience dates back to his childhood. As early as six, Jeremy encountered his first snake in the wild: the greater Plains Garter Snake. From there he was fascinated for life and dedicated his time to looking for them and trying to educate people on their benefits. Currently, Jeremy has rescued well over 10,000 reptiles both wild and captive bred. His main mission is to provide education to people on the importance of these animals in our ecosystem, including the benefits they serve in keeping disease and other harmful things in check. He is an expert educator, often bringing animals into the classroom. His goal is to one day change the bias people have about snakes and reptiles. He believes in education not eradication.