Clastic Dikes in Megaflood Deposits


Skye Cooley

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Winter 2-13-2020


Montana Tech Public Lecture by Skye Cooley, Mission Valley Geologist.

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Skye Cooley is a Geomorphologist specializing in Quaternary geology, dryland soils, and GIS. He taught for Boise State Geosciences for 5 years, served as the Soil Scientist for the Colville Indian Reservation for 5 years, and ran the popular website www.GIS4Geomorphology.com for 9 years. He hails from Samish Island, WA. Skye and his wife of 13 years, Hilary, having lived and worked in 6 western states, including Alaska, now call Ronan, MT home. Hilary is a large carnivore manager who's overseen gray wolf, polar bear, and grizzly bear reintroduction programs for USFWS. Skye currently works as a contract mapping geologist for Idaho Geological Survey and builds furniture. He holds degrees in Geology from Whitman College and University of Wyoming.