Active Tectonics in Cascadia - A Simple Twist of Plate

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Fall 11-14-2019


Cascadia, a region extending from northern California to southwestern British Columbia, is well known for its volcanic, earthquake, and tsunami hazards. Volcanic mountain chains and earthquakes are characteristic features of plate boundaries such as the Cascadia margin where the Juan de Fuca plate subducts beneath the North American upper plate. Whereas Juan de Fuca is moving NE with respect to North America, the upper plate spins about a vertical axis in a clockwise sense in response to the plate convergence. This talk explores how active faults and crustal blocks in the North American plate reflect that spinning-like deformation.

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Andrew Meigs is a Professor of Geology at Oregon State University. His research integrates geomorphology, structural geology, and earthquake analysis. He and his students explore how continents deform in response to plate boundary interactions.