Citizen Science: An Engaging and Effective Method for Creating Scientifically Literate Citizens


Rayelynn Brandl

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Spring 3-7-2019


Rayelynn Brandl shares effective strategies for engaging students and adults in scientific research and discovery. She discusses current understanding and research about citizen science, effective strategies for engaging the pubic with citizen science activities, and lessons learned from the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP.org) outreach efforts.

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Rayelynn Brandl is the Program Director for the CFWEP at Montana Tech and was selected to be The National Science Teachers Association Informal Science Educator of the Year for 2019. Previously, she was CFWEP’s Education Coordinator. CFWEP was launched in 2005, using funds from settlements against ARCO for damage to the environment from historic mining practices. Its goal is to help students and the public understand environmental issues and what they can do to maintain restored sites. Since 2007, Rayelynn has helped CFWEP pursue several formal, nonformal and informal strategies and partnerships to achieve this goal, including K-12 teacher professional development.