In-Water Self-Rescue in Standard Labor Wear & Injury Rate with Implications for Training in Mixed Martial Arts

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Studies performed in conjunction with the Whitewater Res-cue Institute explored how occupational clothing impairs performance during swimming with and without use of a personal flotation device (PFD). A collaboration with Dr. Bianca Miarka in Brazil and the Fight Metrix team studied technical/tactical effort and injury patterns of elite-level athletes in judo tournaments and mixed martial arts events. Come hear what these projects and others have discovered, along with strategies to prevent swift water emergencies.

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John Amtmann, Ed.D. is a professor of kinesiology for the Applied Health and Safety Sciences program at Montana Tech and the School of Mines and Engineering’s 2018 Distinguished Researcher. With expertise in exercise science, Amtmann has published over 100 articles in aca-demic journals and magazines with most focusing on judo, mixed martial arts, and occupational fitness, including self-rescue of workers in swift water scenarios.