Energy Storage and Its Impact on Power System Operations

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Dr. Donnelly offers a perspective on energy supply and energy storage media and technologies, touching on the relationship between energy storage and power-grid reliability. The relationships offer insights into several policy issues, including renewable energy and transportation. An abundant supply of energy unquestionably promotes health, longevity, innovation and a robust economy. The challenge ahead lies in balancing our portfolio of primary energy sources with robust and intelligent energy storage and energy management technologies.

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Matt Donnelly is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Montana Tech. Prior to his appointment at Montana Tech, he worked as an engineer and consultant in research, engineering, and construction. He has been Senior Director of R&D at Quanta Technology (Raleigh, NC), VP for Renewable Energy at Alpha Technologies (Bellingham, WA), and VP of Engineering and CTO at Sustainable Energy Technologies (Calgary, AB). He holds twelve patents, has authored many publications, is professionally licensed in engineering, and volunteers his time to support rural communities struggling to address pressing infrastructure issues. Matt’s PhD is from MSU, and his MBA is from Washington State University.