Linkages Between Watershed Ecological Condition and Riparian Processes; the Influence of Evergreens on Groundwater Recharge

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Dr. Clayton Marlow is a professor in the Animal and Range Sciences Department at Montana State University. Dr. Marlow holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Range sciences form the University of Wyoming, a Master’s in Forest and Range Sciences from Washington State University, and Ph.D. in Range Sciences from the University of Wyoming. He began his professional career as a research associate in the plant sciences department of the University of Wyoming. There, he developed the environmental impact monitoring protocol for a coal-fired power plant in Gillette. He went on to take a position as a forester for the Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife Department with the Tennessee Valley Authority in Casper WY. There, Dr. Marlow was responsible for the rehabilitation of uranium exploration, mining, and milling sites in the region.

In 1980, Dr. Marlow accepted a joint appointment with MSU, College of Agriculture and the Montana Agriculture Experiment station. He served as Associate Dean for the College of Agriculture between 1989-1999 and currently divides his time for the two departments between teaching and research. Dr. Marlow works with undergraduate and graduate students on topics including riparian ecology, wildland fire ecology, and livestock/wildlife habitat improvement. His research includes evaluating the interaction between conifer cover and groundwater recharge patterns in foothill rangelands, the role of winter grazing on soil organic matter turnover, and the effect of bison, elk and bighorn sheep on watershed function in the Gardiner Basin, Montana.

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