Ted Schwinden, Reflections on Montana’s Years of Transformational Change

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Ted Schwinden, Montana’s 19th Governor (1981-89), was deeply involved in the major transformational changes in Montana and its government between 1959 and 1989. From when he first went to the Legislature in 1959, though his tenure as State Lands Commissioner for both Governor Forrest Anderson and Governor Tom Judge, his four years as Lieutenant Governor with Governor Judge, and his own eight-year tenure as Governor, Ted Schwinden was present at the creation of much major change in Montana during that transformational period.

This 136 minute video reflection was filmed on August 26, 2013 in Helena, MT, at the home of Dore Schwinden, Ted’s son, and is an interview/discussion with Evan Barrett of Highlands College/Montana Tech. Barrett was himself a lesser participant and observer of much of that period of change. He has spent the last forty-four years at the top level of Montana government, politics, economic development and education. The film is the first of a number of Montana Historical Films planned by Barrett and was done as a part of Barrett’s class at Highlands College in Fall Semester 2013: “20th Century Montana – People, Policies & Perspectives.”


Produced by: Highlands College/Montana Tech & Orphan Girl Productions (Evan Barrett); Filmed by: Helena Civic Television (HCTV); Videography: Kristen Faubion, HCTV, Stephen Maly, HCTV; Lighting: Dave Clark, HCTV; Editing: Dave Clark, HCTV, Bruce Barrett, Evan Barrett; Rough Cut: Dave Clark, HCTV; Sound Mixing: Dave Clark, HCTV; Titles/Credits: Charles D. Larson, Technical Communications Department, Montana Tech; Photo Credits: Montana Historical Society Photo Archives, Tom Cook; Film Setting: Dore Schwinden

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