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Honors Thesis

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Spring 2013


This honors thesis research project was the study and development of a compact separation device for the oil and gas industry involving a multiphase cylindrical screen filter. Cylindrical screens can be used for solids removal in multiphase flow in upstream oil and gas applications. This study focused on cylindrical wire-wrap screen test unit design and performance characterization to determine volumetric flow rate and pressure drop correlations.

The project goals were met with research, test unit design, CFD modeling, calculations, and physical testing. The comprehensive testing will take place during the summer of 2013 and is planned to consist of building the designed flowloop and housing and using high capacity pumps to achieve higher flow rates. Multiphase testing will be performed with water, air, and sand particles and flow and pressure effects will be evaluated for solids filtering over time.


Project Mentor: Hank Rawlins, Ph.D., Technology Director, eProcess Technologies; Project Advisor: David Bunnell, Ph.D., General Engineering Department, Montana Tech.

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