Date of Award

Fall 2020

Degree Type

Publishable Paper

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Industrial Hygiene

Committee Chair

David Gilkey

First Advisor

Lorri Birkenbuel

Second Advisor

Scott Rosenthal

Third Advisor

Dan Autenrieth

Fourth Advisor

Beverly Hartline


A safety climate case study was carried out at a surface metal mine where investigators administered the Liberty Mutual Short Scale Safety Climate Survey to 365-368 miners to measure safety climate in consecutive years. Following the baseline safety climate survey in 2019, Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) training was conducted with 81 middle to upper management employees at the mine site. Investigators found statistically significant differences in the pre vs. post-training FSL assessment scores of the middle to upper management employees who attended the training. The follow-up safety climate evaluation was compared to baseline scores and revealed no significant improvement. The overall baseline company safety climate score of 76.38 increased minimally to 76.50 (p-value=0.616). Investigators also evaluated differences in safety climate between the company’s three major divisions (operations, maintenance, and administration). Both years administration had the highest mean score and operations had the lowest mean score. The authors attributed the statistically significant differences found among the three major divisions to various dissimilarities in their work environments.


a publishable paper in partial fulfillment of a Master of Science