Date of Award

Spring 2017

Degree Type

Non-Thesis Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Professional & Technical Communication

Committee Chair

Nick Hawthorne

First Advisor

Pat Munday

Second Advisor

Isabel Campos


The purpose of this meta-document is to explain my project design, review its development and outcomes, and provide my reflections on the project. The project objective was to create a website that communicates vital information about the coal industry, Colstrip’s coal-fired power plants, the potential closure of several of the plants, and the potential impacts closure would have on the community and the state. The project also discusses options to continue to use coal as an energy source and lower its impacts on the environment. The information on the website is thorough and presented in an interesting and effective method; using videos, photos and infographics to engage the audience. In this meta-document, I will provide background on my topic, the design choices I made and why, the processes I used to create a high-quality website, the problems I encountered, and my recommendations for future research.


A meta-document submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Technical Communication

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