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In August 1977 excavation was conducted at the Big Creek Lake site -24RA34- at the outlet of the 91g Creek Lakes, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, Ravalli County, Montana. The site contained shallow, disturbed deposits and lacks any statisgraphic separation. One of these occupations was identified by a projectile point type not previously reported from the area. This was termed Big Creek Corner Notched and its temporal affiliation is not precisely known. Comparative material from Colorado and Alberta suggest either Early Archaic or Late Archaic affiliation. The occupations exemplified by Big Creek Corner Notched points and by Pelican Lake-Elko points (Late Archaic 1000 B.B – A.D. 200) were the most prevalent at the site. Less intensive occupations are by ·Middle Plains Archaic McKean points and Late Prehistoric small side notche arrow points. Microscopic analysis of tool working edges shows several of the projectile point forms were used as multi-functional implements. especially as butchering tools. Many of the types of chipped stone recovered from the site are from known sources in western Montana; indicating group movements within the eastern portion of the Intermountain region. Based on the numerous projectile points and cutting tools, the site is interpreted as a seasonally occupied base camp for hunters.


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