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We represent the 2016 Montana Tech Heavy Civil team. Our senior design project consisted of competing in the Region 6 ASC (Associated Schools of Construction) Heavy Civil Bidding Competition in Reno, Nevada. The competition required a full year of preparation. The Fall semester was dedicated to planning, practicing, and gathering resources, while the second semester involved traveling to Reno and performing in the competition.

Our preparation involved performing practice bids where various aspects of heavy civil construction were studied. We also devoted a significant amount of time developing our presentation skills, and team building exercises were implemented to encourage unit cohesion. Industry professionals were consulted to enhance our knowledge base and give us new perspective on how to look at a project. Finally, our preparation culminated with a simulated competition where we estimated a project and presented our solution to a mock panel of judges.

The competition involved a 16-hour time-frame where we developed our bid and solution for the given problem statement. We were then given 8 hours to prepare for a 20 minute presentation which was followed by a 10 minute Q&A session. Our efforts placed us 5th out of 12 teams.