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Our group traveled to Reno Nevada to participate in the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) annual bidding competition which took place from February 10th- 14th. The competition included teams from all over the western United States with many different categories for groups to participate in. The category that our group decided to participate in for our senior design project was commercial bidding. The commercial bidding category had a total of 12 teams competing on a bid estimate for Mortenson construction. The project, which we did not know anything about until arrival, was a multi-million dollar sporting complex addition that we only had 16 hours to prepare the bid for. Once the bid estimate and any documentation that was required was completed and turned in our group had to prepare a presentation for the judges who were all Mortenson employees that knew the project extremely well. In order to prepare for the completion we met weekly and worked on a practice bid estimate that we though would be similar to what we would be exposed to in Reno. The competition was a valuable experience to all group member as it gave us all practice for problems and scenarios that we may come across when we are out working in industry.