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The purpose of this project was to give students taking Process Instrumentation and Control (INC) a visual demonstration of a PID control system. This system was to implement an automatic water level control loop that would be based on a user defined external set point. For example, if the water tank was empty, and the user wanted the water level to go to the top, the system would do this automatically based on the users set point.

The system must be able to fill a 507 mL cylinder in under a minute. The water pump must be able to pump forwards, backwards, and maintain a water level. Setting the point to fill or drain to must be set by the user and must be part of the physical system. All components must be able to be able to be carried by one person easily. The power supply to be used will need to be able to run all components in the system. All components that must be purchased will need to be within the budget of $300.