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In partial fulfillment of Senior Design, we formed a group to compete in the Associated Schools of Construction bidding competition in Sparks, Nevada. Our team chose to compete in the Concrete Solution competition, sponsored by Sundt, in the Open Division of the competition. In preparation for the competition, we researched various topics related to concrete construction, gathered resource materials, and practiced our presentation skills.

Our goal was to gain a better understanding of the construction industry and become proficient in estimating, bidding, scheduling, sequencing, safety precautions, and risk management, with respect to the concrete construction field. We also planned to assemble a binder that will aid future teams competing in the Concrete Solutions competition. The binder provides an aid for future teams that might be interested in the Concrete Solutions competition.

Once the competition was finished, we prepared a poster for the Techxpo, developed a binder with all our gathered information for future teams, and prepared a final written report of our senior design project. We also presented to classes at Montana Tech in hopes of generating interest in the competition and construction industry by underclassmen students, and continuing the successful participation in the bidding competition. This report contains a background of the competition, what we did to prepare for it, and what our competition problem and solution was. This report also contains post competition reflections, as well as advice for future Concrete Solutions competitors.