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The project initiated when a meeting was held between our Mine Rescue Team Unmanned Rescue Craft (MRTURC) team and Colorado School of Mine’s Rescue team, in July 2015, stating the requirement for design ideas for an unmanned craft capable of search and rescue reconnaissance into hazardous mines and collapsed buildings. The constraints that were discussed were as follows: Limited Budget, Size Constraint (2ft X 2ft X 2ft) and the availability of only a single radio frequency in those areas, corresponding to 2.4 GHz. The features that were required by the team was: ability to self-stabilize, an infrared sensor for distance measurements, around 45 mins of operation on a single battery charge, ease of control of craft for the operator, ability to operate in severe environment condition of -20oC to 50oC, durability and easy availability of spare child parts if broken during operation. Thus the project started with keeping in mind the above requirement of an unmanned craft for search and rescue of trapped people in collapsed mines and buildings. Computer design soft-wares like Solid-works were used for the design and analysis of the same.