Electrical Circuits at Montana Tech


Electrical Circuits at Montana Tech


Download Table of Contents (27 KB)

Download 1. The Origin of Electrical Engineering (209 KB)

Download 2. Basic Circuit Laws (221 KB)

Download 3. Introduction to Transformers (214 KB)

Download 4. Operational Amplifiers Input/Output Characteristics (544 KB)

Download 5. Operational Amplifiers Part II DC Errors (135 KB)

Download 6. Operational Amplifiers Part III Dynamic Response (187 KB)

Download 7. Non-Linear Comparator Oscillators (219 KB)

Download 8. Linear Oscillator Analysis (149 KB)

Download 9. High Order Active Filters (With Tables) (514 KB)

Download 10. Part II Band Pass Butterworth and Chebyshev (865 KB)

Download 11. Linear Phase Active Filters (396 KB)

Download 12. Evaluation of Thermal Noise in Electronics (77 KB)

Download 13. Transmission Line Theory Part I Transient Analysis (131 KB)

Download 14. Transmission Line Theory Part II Frequency Analysis (2.2 MB)

Download 15. Karnough Maps (893 KB)

Download 16. Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Conversion (311 KB)


These Electrical Engineering course materials in Electrical Circuits were written by Dr. John L. Morrison, a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Montana Tech and are used as the course textbook.

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Dr. Morrison has numerous publications and patents and received the R&D100 Award in 2011 for his role in the research and development of the Impedance Measurement Box (IMB) through the Idaho National Laboratory.

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Electrical Circuits at Montana Tech