Signals and Systems at Montana Tech


Signals and Systems at Montana Tech


Download Table of Contents (18 KB)

Download 1. Matrix Inversion for Solution of Simultaneous Equations (110 KB)

Download 2. EE Signals and Systems Formulas (70 KB)

Download 3. Classical Solution of 1st and 2nd Order DEQ's Obtained via Circuit Analysis (257 KB)

Download 4. Classical Solution of 1st and 2nd Order Difference Equations Obtained from DEQ's (308 KB)

Download 5. Convolution Continuous and Discrete (381 KB)

Download 6. Integral and Summation Evaluation of Auto and Cross Correlation (345 KB)

Download 7. Derivation of AC Analysis from Forced Response of a DEQ (182 KB)

Download 8. Fourier Series Continuous and Discrete (481 KB)

Download 9. One Dimensional Fourier Analysis Time and Frequency (174 KB)

Download 10. Bode Plots (1.1 MB)

Download 11. Bode Rough Sketch Procedure (147 KB)

Download 12. Theory of Sample Data Aliasing Analysis (163 KB)

Download 13. Laplace Solution to ODE's (386 KB)

Download 14. Z Transform Solution to Difference Equations (523 KB)

Download 15. Z Transform Solution of Backward DE's from DEQ's with Initial Conditions (265 KB)

Download 16. From Laplace to Z (192 KB)

Download 17. State Variable Description to Time Invariant Systems (559 KB)

Download 18. Recursive Solution to Time Invariant Systems (77 KB)

Download 19. "On The Spectrum" Exact Discrete State Variable Description (84 KB)

Download 20. Synchronous Detection (128 KB)

Download 21_Non-Harmonic Synchronous Detection_rev6_9_17. - Copy.pdf (218 KB)

Download 22_BILINEAR TRANSFORMATION FOR LAPLACE TO Z_rev6-9-17 - Copy.pdf (257 KB)

Download 23. System Frequency Characterization Via Noise (325 KB)


These Electrical Engineering course materials in Signals and Systems were written by Dr. John L. Morrison, a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Montana Tech and are used as the course textbook.

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Dr. Morrison has numerous publications and patents and received the R&D100 Award in 2011 for his role in the research and development of the Impedance Measurement Box (IMB) through the Idaho National Laboratory.

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Signals and Systems at Montana Tech