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Biography of Mike Micone


Biography of Mike Micone




After graduating from Carroll College with a degree in Business Administration and serving in the U.S. Navy for two years, became a working partner in the family owned furniture and manufacturing business in Butte, Montana.

In 1969, was elected Mayor of the City of Butte and was reelected and served until 1977 when the City of Butte and the County of Silver Bow consolidated their operations into one government appropriately named Butte Silver Bow.

Elected as the Chief Executive of the consolidated government serving until 1979.

1979, appointed the Community Development Director for the State of Montana and subsequently the Economic Development Director.

1983, became the Executive Director of the Western Environmental Trade Association representing labor, recreation, and industry interests in the development on jobs in Montana.

1989, appointed by the Governor as the Commissioner of Labor for the Department of Labor and Industry. Served in that position until retirement in 1992.

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Winter 2016

Biography of Mike Micone